My Standards of the South

My Standards of the South

My Standards of the SouthMy Standards of the South

My Standards of the South

My Standards of the South

My Standards of the SouthMy Standards of the SouthMy Standards of the South

Puppies born January 1, 2020 

All puppies went to their forever homes!


Puppies born January 1, 2020 

All puppies went to their forever homes!

About Us


Thank you for considering pure southern poodles!

 We are a small family breeder.  We live in the Houston, TX  area and also Georgetown, Texas (north of Austin).

My first dog was a Cocker Spaniel. My first love. We lived in Kauai, Hawaii for a few years and I can remember her riding the waves on a boogie board. She entertained the tourists on the beach on a daily basis. It was a sight to see! Then we bought another Cocker Spaniel and we realized how much we loved having two dogs. We eventually bred both of them at separate times and enjoyed every moment of it. Over the years, we have also had a Maltese, a Yorkie and a Labradoodle. Each one of them will always have a special place in my heart. They all had different personalities but what they had in common was being so loved by my family and me.
I have always admired the beauty and intelligence of the Standard Poodle. After sweet Lola (our Labradoodle) passed away, I decided to finally get a Standard Poodle, Duchess. She changed my life forever. Not only am I mesmerized by her beauty and intelligence, but also, how she seems so human like at times. She’s loyal, loves to please and is the best snuggler on the planet. Duchess loves to look for geckos in the backyard, loves to chase squirrels, enjoys long walks (especially with my Dad because he loves to show her off), enjoys watching TV (literally) and loves to hang out with my grand baby.
Then as if it couldn’t get any better , I was asked by Ann from Regency Poodles (Duchess’ Breeder) to be a guardian home for a gorgeous, apricot Standard Poodle. Her name is Ginger. She is confident, poised, athletic, beautiful and a Grand Champion, no less! So I get the pleasure of having not one, but, two beautiful Standard Poodles. The saying goes “one Standard Poodle is never enough”. I can officially vouch for that. My adult children always say “Mom, you’re so obsessed with the poodles”. My response, “Absolutely, I wouldn’t have it any other way”!! Spoiled? Absolutely, but in a good way! 

About Duchess & Blue



  •   NatCH Duchess, Her Highness CHIC

  • Duchess is a family dog. She loves people of all ages, especially children, including my grand baby. She is extremely friendly and loves all the attention she gets when she’s out in public. My mother says she likes to “show off”. She holds her head up high with confidence when we take her on a walk. The judges have said that they love her movement in the ring. When people stop us and ask if they can pet her, she just can’t get enough of it. I usually get asked by strangers if they can take a picture of her and also with her. She loves it! Duchess is loyal, highly intelligent, well behaved, extremely affectionate and calm. 

  • DOB: 1/4/17 
  • 22 inches high and 43 lbs. 
  • AKC# PR19649904
  •  Hips - OFA Prelim Good  PO-27409G32F-NOPI
    Cardiac - OFA normal by Board Certified Cardiologist- PO-CA4948/ 32F/ P-NOPI
    OFA Eyes Cerf by Board Certified Ophthalmologist-normal- PO- Eyes5578/33F-VPI
    Neonatal Encephalopathy - clear
    Degenerative Myelopathy - clear           
    von Willebrand Type 1 - clear
    Gangliosidosis - clear
     Osteochondrodysplasia - clear
    ​Progressive Retinal Atrophy - clear




  •  Figz BB King Delta Blue October, CGC CGCA CGCU 

  •  We are thrilled the sire of this litter is Blue from Figz Poodles. He is excellent with his young human siblings. This gentle old soul is a thinker and will melt your heart with his big eyes, perfect confirmation and gorgeous ringlets! 

  •  DOB: 1/17/2017
    26 inches tall and 55lbs
    AKC# PR19765002
    OFA Hips-Good PO-26976G28M-VPI
    OFA Thyroid-Normal PO-TH4490/28M-VP
    OFA Eyes CERF by Board Certified Ophthalmologist-Normal 2019
    CHIC# 144938
    Neonatal Encephalopathy - clear
    Degenerative Myelopathy - clear           
    von Willebrand Type 1 - clear
    Gangliosidosis - clear
    Osteochondrodysplasia - clear
    ​Progressive Retinal Atrophy - clear
    Brucellosis- negative 5/18/2019 


Frequently Asked Questions


policies & faqs

 Are parents health tested?
Yes. We follow the recommendations of the Poodle Club of America (who sets the Poodle guidelines for OFA/CHIC) for testing Standard Poodles. Specific tests performed with results are listed for each Sire and Dam and documentation is available upon request.
How are puppies socialized? Do you perform Bio-Sensory (ENS/Super-Puppy) training?
Our puppies are completely raised in our home, never a kennel. We follow Puppy Culture methodology. All puppies receive Early Neurological Stimulation during their first two weeks and are fully exposed to typical noises in our home, like the blender, vacuum, telephone, etc. We begin house training by using a litter box and introduce crate training. Puppies will meet a variety of people and have toys and gentle obstacles to explore to build their confidence and prepare them for a vibrant life with their new family. 
At what age are puppies ready to join their new families?
As advised by veterinarian, author and training expert, Dr. Ian Dunbar, we allow puppies to join their new families at 8-weeks-old*. Poodles are very intelligent and people-focussed and we believe they are ready and eager to bond with their family at this age. If a family is a novice to puppies, we can discuss extra support or keeping puppies for a few more weeks. A puppy's prime socialization window closes at 12-weeks, and it's better for puppies to transition to their new homes by 8 to 10-weeks of age, to allow several weeks for puppy to be socialized in your home, with your family, friends and lifestyle.. As Dr. Dunbar says, "you are searching for a puppy to live with you, not with the breeder."
*Before You Get Your Puppy, by Dr. Ian Dunbar, page 36
Are puppies vaccinated?
Yes. Puppies will be fully examined by our veterinarian at around 7 weeks old, given a DHPP 4-way vaccine and tested for worms and parasites.
Are puppies AKC registered?
Yes. Limited AKC Registration papers are included with each puppy unless otherwise specified.
What's the health guarantee?
We offer a one-year health guarantee for genetic/inherited issues, and two-years for hips, assuming families provide appropriate vet care and nutrition for their puppy. 
What's included with a puppy?
Puppies include:
Pre-paid AKC Limited Registration (AKC charges an additional fee for pedigree certificate)
One-year health guarantee, two-years for hips.
Hours of socialization and appropriate stimulation to develop your puppy's confidence and behavior
Veterinarian exam with appropriate vaccinations by a vet
Helpful reading material for training your puppy
Freshly bathed with shaved face and feet
Several days of puppy food
Are puppies temperament tested?
Yes, puppies will be Temperament Tested by another poodle breeder at 7 weeks old.
Can I get on a waiting list?
We'll be happy to keep your name and email address to notify you when puppies are expected or available. Once puppies are born, we'll accept $500 deposits to hold a puppy of your choice. Once a puppy is selected, the deposit is not refundable as that puppy is reserved for you.
Do you have an application process?
Not at this time. When you contact us, we'll ask you to tell us about yourself and what you're looking for in a pet. We prefer to keep our interactions more natural and organic, rather than adding in the formal process of submitting an application. As long as a "bad apple" doesn't make it necessary to formalize our interactions, we'd like to keep things friendly and open.
Is a deposit required to reserve a puppy? Is it refundable? Can I change my selection?
Yes. A deposit of $500 will reserve your puppy. Deposits can be made via Venmo, check or money order. The deposit will go towards the full cost of the puppy, which is $1800.00.  Deposits are non-refundable once a puppy is selected as this puppy is reserved for you and not available for other families to choose. 
Can I meet the parents and/or see the puppies?
We raise puppies in our home and for safety and privacy our address is not published. We'll be happy to send you videos of parents and puppies. Once you place a deposit, you may come and select a puppy in person and meet the parents.
What do you feed your puppies?
We try to stay abreast of current canine health topics, including feeding guidelines. Puppies will be fed a high quality kibble with the appropriate phosphorus : calcium ratio for large breed puppies. We typically feed Purina Pro Plan Focus, Castor and Pollux and Nulo, all of which have about 30-32% protein (80-90% protein derived from meat) and about 20% fat for growing puppies.
Are breeding rights available?
Puppies are sold with Limited AKC Registration and the contract includes an agreement to spay or neuter your puppy. Full AKC Registration might be considered with an additional fee for experienced poodle breeders or show/performance homes only. You MUST be able to demonstrate that you consistently health test your breeding dogs and will keep this puppy in your home as part of your family, never in a kennel. Call or email us to discuss. 

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We are located in Georgetown, Texas, north of Austin. 

Pure Southern Poodles

Georgetown, Texas, United States

Email: Phone: (281) 702-4615